Beyond The Tab: Executing JavaScript Across Browser Contexts

This talk presented a number of minimalist code samples for cross-tab communication, which are available on GitHub. I don’t believe the slides for this talk are particularly useful, but the slides are available on Speaker Deck.

Browser Sandboxes: For more information about browser sandboxes, check out the Chromium Sandbox Documentation (Chromium is the open-source project behind Google Chrome and ChromeOS) and The Security Architecture of the Chromium Browser.

Push Notifications: The demo for push notifications shown during the talk is available on GitHub. For more information about sending notifications to users through the Push API, check out Using the Push API on MDN.

ServiceWorker Demos: For more demos of usage possibilities of ServiceWorker, see w3c-webmob/ServiceWorkersDemo on GitHub.

Background Sync: For more information on syncing web applications in the background, see this blog post on

Microsoft Edge: Many of the examples given in this talk were not available for use in Microsoft Edge. Their platform status, including ServiceWorker is publicly available.

Thanks for listening!