As a software developer, my actions can change the world. I pledge to act responsibly — to reflect upon the wider impacts of my work, consistently supporting the public good, and using the unique privilege that I have to support others.

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Running one-off tools from docker compose profiles

Your development tools deserve to be versioned, easily installed, and quickly run from docker — and using docker compose with profiles enabled can make your team happier and more productive.

Configuring DNS to send secure email in 2021

Even if you use a third-party email service like Mailchimp, Sendgrid, or AWS Simple Email Service, the security and deliverability of your emails depends on a set of DNS records on your domain.

The Cynefin decision-making framework

The appropriate way to lead a group changes based on the situation you find yourself in — is it right to command people without listening to their input? This framework for thinking can help make that choice.

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Most recent speaking engagement

Kick Those Scripts to the Sandbox: Web Security is Your Responsibility

Do you want Tweets or your latest Instagram food picture to display nicely in your site? Just load this third-party script into your site — never mind what it does! … err, what’s the difference between third-party scripts and a cross-site scripting attack again? Can’t third-party scripts steal user credentials, track users without their consent, and hijack your site for advertising purposes? In this talk, we’ll discuss different ways of sandboxing these scripts to increase your site’s security, stability, and protect the privacy of your users. You’ll leave with an understanding of the latest browser features designed to protect you and your users.

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