Hello! I’m Andrew Dunkman, a software developer and occasional speaker. I use he/him pronouns, and am a resident of ANC 1B02 in Washington, DC.

I often write code in and around the Internet, and am especially interested in how the code I write impacts how people interact with each other.

I speak occasionally on subjects which I find fascinating. Often they’re about JavaScript, but sometimes they’re not. Get in touch if you’d like to hear me speak at your next event.

I have a low tolerance for insensitivity in design (and in people), and prefer products and services that are transparent over those which beg you to recognize their design.

I believe that efforts of diversity are misplaced attempts at inclusivity. The seeds of inclusivity are planted in leveraging your privilege to help those less fortunate than you, rather than pretending your privilege does not exist.

I’m most responsive on Twitter but if you’re interested in engaging in longer dialog, perhaps asking me a question would be more fitting. Don’t be shy! If you’re interested in reaching me privately, encrypt your message.

I also occasionally blog, mainly on subjects I find hard to google.