Leveraging Modern Device Features From the Web

Your website is unresponsive, your cookie size is through the roof. Your competitors have come out with native apps which are flashy and zippy, and they’re eating into your market share. Is it time to drop your website for a native application? Instead of abandoning the web, wouldn’t it be great if you could just spawn a background thread to increase responsiveness, delete some of those cookies and store preferences on the filesystem, and access the accelerometer to get that nifty parallax motion effect — all from the browser? In this talk, you’ll learn to do just that — to spawn threads, save local settings, store your site’s code locally, access a camera and microphone, read accelerometer data, and more! You’ll not only see code samples, but you’ll see working examples designed to get your site off the ground.


Talk history

  • Kansas City Developer Conference in Kansas City, MO
  • Nodevember in Nashville, TN
  • NationJS in Washington, DC